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6 Tips For Safe and Responsible Gun Storage

April 30, 2012

The right to own firearms is a sacred right, but the right to keep and bear arms also comes with the obligation to safely and responsibly store guns. In this article, you will find various suggestions to secure firearms to prevent theft or misuse.

The intention of this article is to help firearm owners make wise and responsible decisions regarding responsible gun storage. Every gun owner needs to chose the right option for their unique situation to make sure that their weapons are always secure and safe (especially when you have children in your house). When deciding which storage method is right for you, it is important to consider issues such as safety from kids, safety for theft and ease of accessibility in case of emergency.

Readers should also be aware that each city or state may impose its own gun storage and liability laws that can be specific from one region to another.

Big Gun Safe

Large gun safe

Large Gun Safe

A large gun safe can weigh over 500 lbs and is generally anchored to the floor. These large safes are made to deter a burglar and will also provide an accomplished safe cracker with a challenge. Big safes can generally store about 20 long guns, but they can easily accommodate twice that amount in smaller firearms. Besides providing safety from burglars and misuse, safes are fire resistant, which helps protect your collection in case of a home fire. These safes are available in a huge variety of lock combinations including key locks, dial locks, fingerprint scan locks, or a combination of these types of locks. When shopping for a gun safe, it is always better to go bigger than you think you need because once you start collecting guns, you will eventually want or need more. If you buy a big gun safe in the first place, you won’t risk the need of adding another safe in the near future. If your gun collection doesn’t use all the space, the extra space can be used to store valuable items including jewelry, passports and other important documents. It’s also a good place to store your ammunition supply. Some people worry about keeping all their guns in a safe because they worry about being able to reach a gun in an emergency. However, this doesn’t need to be a concern if thought about beforehand. To ensure quick access, you could keep a firearm gun in the safe, but in a ready-to-use fashion. If you want to do this, make sure the safe is in an easily accessible place when positioning it in your home.

Small Gun Safe

Small Gun Safe

Small Gun Safe

Small gun safes are a common choice for gun owners because they are easier to hide in your home than a large safe. However, there are consequences associated with small gun safes. First and foremost, you are sacrificing security for storage space. If you buy a small safe, you must anchor it to something in the home. Otherwise, burglars will simply take the entire safe, and break into it at their leisure. Another thing to consider is that you will have considerably less space in a small safe. This means you may not have room to store ammunition and other firearm accessories, which isn’t suggested for trustworthy gun owners. Obviously, small safes are designed to store hand guns better than rifles or shotguns, so, if you own both, you will either need two safes, or risk leaving your longer guns unsecured. However, if you cannot afford a large safe, a small safe is better than none.

Gun Cabinet

Gun Cabinet

Gun Cabinet

Gun cabinets have some similar traits to gun safes, but are far less secure. Gun cabinets are usually wood with glass on the front doors, which allows the guns to be displayed in nearly any room. Usually, there is a lock on these cabinets, but the simple lock does little to discourage burglars from taking the gun collection. For safety reasons, a safe is recommended over a gun cabinet.

Trigger Locks for Guns

Trigger locks are clever devices that prevent a firearm from being used when the trigger lock is applied correctly. Many guns come with a trigger lock included. Unfortunately, trigger locks only prevent people who aren’t smart enough to take it off from using the gun, so it actually has little impact on theft or misuse prevention. A trigger lock can also be tricky to take off, which makes it difficult to use in case of home invasion.

Storing a Dismantled Gun

Some people believe that simply dismantling a gun before storing it helps prevent misuse or theft. However, it really doesn’t since a gun can simply be put back together either by a burglar or someone who intends to misuse it. It also prevents a home owner from being able to defend themselves if a home invasion occurs. Criminals are not going to politely wait for a hand gun to be put together before trying to rob or assault a victim. Dismantling a gun before storage really defeats the purpose of having a gun in the home for safety.

Secret Hiding Spot

Having a secret hiding spot for anything sounds like something a child would do, so it’s definitely not a good idea for responsible gun owners. The clever hiding spot you think you have created is probably pretty obvious to clever thieves. Also if a thief knows you have guns, they will simply look until they find them. In addition, young children often find things they are not supposed too, which puts them in danger if they accidentally find a gun. Instead, of putting your home and your family’s safety at risk by hiding a gun in your house, buy a gun safe.

Please consider all the information above to ensure you respect the right to bear arms by being a responsible gun owner.

How do you keep your guns and your family safe? Please leave a comment below and join the community.

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