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Thumbnail image for A Closer Look At The Humvee Safari Vest

A Closer Look At The Humvee Safari Vest

Clothes make the man. And versatile, durable clothing can free your hands to shape the world around you. That’s why Safari vests have gained such popularity even beyond photography circles. By far the most comfortable design we’ve found is the Humvee Safari Vest. Humvee is a quality brand famous for their all terrain vehicles as [...]

Agilite Longtail Advanced Ammo Pouch review

Gear Review: Agilite Longtail Advanced Ammo Pouch

There are three things you need to be doing in a gun fight. 1. Shooting 2. Moving 3. Reloading Failure to do any of these and you wind up dead. Shooting under stress is difficult at best, moving is slow and reloading? Forget about it! With you adrenaline racing, fine motor skills go right out [...]

3 Daily Deal Sites for Gear Lovers

3 Daily Deal Sites for Gear Lovers

Buying all the gear you need to be a fully equipped survivalist, hunter or outdoorsman can get very expensive really quickly. Finding great bargains on high quality gear is key to being able to acquire all the gear that you need (and some that you just want). These 3 website offer amazing daily deals on great gear [...]

Flashbang concealed carry bra

Check Out How Fast This Woman Can Pull A Gun Out Of Her Bra And Fire A Shot.

The Flashbang bra has got to be one of the hottest concealed carry holsters on the market today (and yes, we’re talking about the holster, not the female model). It’s design to allow women to inconspicuously carry a firearm on their person while still being able to wear stylish tight fitting clothes. According to their [...]

UZI Stun Riot Shield

The Shocking Truth About the UZI Stun Shield (and Why Rioting Hippies Hate It)

One of the calls an officer can go out on possibly more dangerous and unpredictable than a domestic dispute is to aid in controlling large crowds. Protests are very emotionally charged and often involve a multitude of persons with varying degrees of intent and when it comes time to disperse the crowd or hold the [...]


The Complete Guide to Knife Blades [with Pictures]

Any chef will extol the virtues of a good knife in the kitchen.  Knives are made for a range of purposes, so whether you’re skinning deer, dicing tomatoes, or defending yourself, selecting the correct knife for the job is essential.  For example, the type of skinning you’re preparing for will determine whether you should use [...]