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How Grenades Work [Infographic]

March 18, 2012

While a grenade is commonly recognizable, few people outside the armed forces really understand how they work. There are so many varieties, but the basic principles are the same. Way back in the 15th century primitive grenades made an appearance, but they were very unstable and were not heavily used until the design was improved a few hundred years later. The “Molotov Cocktail” is a form of a grenade, and while news photographers capture images of young people throwing them with apparent ease, they’re quite unsafe. New grenade timer technology ensures grenades explode at the correct time, and not a moment too soon. Discovering a short fuse too late is, well, too late.

The talented team at made a helpful infographic to give a bit more background for these fascinating devices. Check it out below.

How Grenades Work

How Grenades WorkAfter reading some history about grenades, do you think they’re safer or less safe than you previously thought? Join the discussions, and share your comments with our community below.

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