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The Shocking Truth About the UZI Stun Shield (and Why Rioting Hippies Hate It)

March 29, 2012

One of the calls an officer can go out on possibly more dangerous and unpredictable than a domestic dispute is to aid in controlling large crowds. Protests are very emotionally charged and often involve a multitude of persons with varying degrees of intent and when it comes time to disperse the crowd or hold the line against a charge force is often necessary.

To keep that force ramp up smooth and within legal limits requires the proper tools and until now, police used traditional riot shields made of polycarbonate that were no more sophisticated than their ancestors used by the Romans. Well, it looks like UZI has just changed all that.

Available in two sizes (large & small) and powered by 9v batteries, the UZI Stun Shield provides a flexible solution for crowd control and officer protection. The variable output, 6kv to 500kv, allows the officer to tailor the device from a compliance demanding and authoritative “poke” all the way up to debilitation and knockdown for only the most violent of rioters.

UZI Stun Shield

Crowd control is hard to predict. One minute protestors can be peacefully blocking the street with arms locked and the next, rocks and bottles are being hurled at Law Enforcement. Worst case, the protest devolves into a mob and rushes the police line resulting in injuries to the officers as well as the protestors. This can be seen time and time again from every corner of the world. “Occupy Wall Street” is a perfect example. What started out as protests against the government and demands for reform turned into mobs, in some areas, looking to create as much chaos and havoc as possible.

To maintain the Legitimacy of Law, it is imperative that enforcement officers use their training and proper escalation of force concepts in a professional manner. If they don’t there is the chance that police will lash out in retaliation to injuries sustained by themselves or other officers and then it becomes a street fight between two groups where one side wears a badge…

I can’t help but wonder how beneficial this shield would have been during the recent “Occupy” cleanup. Not many of the protests turned extremely violent but there were rampant claims of police brutality none the less. One image that sticks out in my mind was that of an officer in California using pepper spray on seated, non-compliant protestors at close range. The injuries sustained by the protestors and the image problems incurred by the officer and his department could have been avoided with the UZI Stun Shield. Set on low, the small sized shield could have been used to “insist” the protestors moved along! In order to deliver the charge, the individual must come into contact with the metallic strips on the front of the shield. Once contact is made the voltage is delivered with immediate results.

Unlike pepper spray, the Stun Shield doesn’t leave people gasping for air with their eyes bulging out of their heads looking straight into news crew cameras. The shocking effect is invisible and to the observer would appear as if the officer simply touched their shield to the protestor to get their attention.

If the protest goes bad and they turn on the officers, the UZI Stun Shield can be cranked to full power to repel any rushes and increase officer safety. At 500kv the “poke” is gone and the shield can be used for full on takedowns. The polycarbonate shield is shatter proof and beyond the electrical enhancements, provides ample cover for the officers to protect them from flying debris and violent crowd surges.

No matter what, police officers are sworn to protect the public whether they are the innocent civilians behind the police line or the protestors in front of it. Stun devices have a strong history of being effective and not leaving residual health problems thus allowing the officers to do their job without anyone getting severely hurt.

Have you had a personal experience where something like this could have been used or thoughts about the article? Leave us a comment and let us know!

about the author: Scott Bain

Scott Bain

Scott is an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, camping and all things tactical. Above that, he is a personal defense advocate who believes in self preparedness. He is a student of military history and small unit tactics with a deep understanding of what a handful of determined individuals can do.


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