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Gear Review: Agilite Longtail Advanced Ammo Pouch

May 14, 2012

There are three things you need to be doing in a gun fight.

Agilite gear1. Shooting
2. Moving
3. Reloading

Failure to do any of these and you wind up dead. Shooting under stress is difficult at best, moving is slow and reloading? Forget about it! With you adrenaline racing, fine motor skills go right out the window and all you are left with are clunky motions done by hands made of runny jello!

New to the scene is Agilite and they are changing that with their revolutionary Longtail Advanced Ammo Pouch. Right from the start you can see that this pouch is not your normal ammo carrier. The torch sleeves, chemlight loops and small admin pocket give a hint at its expanded capabilities and let’s you know, this is no ordinary pouch!

Agilite Longtail Advanced Ammo Pouch

Agilite is staffed by former Israeli combat troops and veterans of the IDF’s in house design studios where they made custom gear for real world missions. Though they are based in Israel, their primary production is in the U.S. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to Operators around the globe have lead to many unique products. Their latest breakthrough is the Injured Personnel Carrier or IPC, which allows a single soldier to carry a wounded operator while keeping both hands on his weapon!

The Longtail’s cavernous main compartment is designed to hold three M4 mags and provide easy access to them. The compartment’s cover flap is held in place by a hook-loop that is secure, yet effortless to pull to get at the mags. The buckle on top of the main flap keeps a really neat surprise out of view. The Longtail sports two vinyl intel windows for call signs, radio codes, suspect/target photos and maps! This feature alone will help keep you on mission, but add the admin pocket, chemlight loops and torch/tool sleeves and you have what could be the most agile ammo pouch ever. Being PALS/MOLLE compatible, the pouch weaves easily onto your carrier for optimal placement and give you access to all your gear.

Longtail Advanced Ammo PouchI have found the true gauge of a pouch’s versatility is how well it performs with stuff other than what it’s designed for. With that in mind, I loaded up the Longtail with some gear quite different from the bullets and magazines it was designed for but still some things you might need on mission…Stuffed with a small pair of binocs, water bottle, multitool, flashlight, chemlights, cellphone and small first aid kit, the Longtail proved out as a good cross platform solution with a lot of versatility. With ability to hold your combat essentials, the Agilite Longtail Advanced Ammo Pouch is where it’s at for today’s Operators. Be it SRT, MIL, MILSIM/Airsoft or just a good pouch for EDC, The Longtail is a must have.

It has found a home on my bags and MOLLE/PALS gear. On my TYR backpack it provides unmatched rapid access to my mags and has even been spotted on my BDS Tactical Fannypacks, giving me just enough room for some extra kit! This is a great product you shouldn’t pass up.

Do you have a piece of kit that you just cant live without? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

about the author: Scott Bain

Scott Bain

Scott is an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, camping and all things tactical. Above that, he is a personal defense advocate who believes in self preparedness. He is a student of military history and small unit tactics with a deep understanding of what a handful of determined individuals can do.


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