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Girls & Guns: Women and Their Concealed Weapons [Infographic]

June 24, 2012

The significant rise in gun ownership among women is a trend that isn’t slowing down. Women are buying guns in record numbers for crime protection as well as target shooting and hunting. Handguns are popular with both genders, and the Glock Model 19 is especially popular among the ladies because of its compact size and serious stopping power. Whether concealed or Open Carry, women are embracing firearms, and by doing so they’re moving gun ownership into the mainstream.

Almost 10% of firearms owned in the United States are owned by women. Dealers report women purchasing over 12% of their guns, and gun store owners report a whopping 73% increase in their female customer base. (Are shoes not on sale anymore?)

The people at put together a great infographic about these trends. Keep reading below.

Girls and Guns Women Carrying Concealed Weapons

What do you think about this trend in women buying and carrying more guns?

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