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The History of Rifles [Infographic]

The History of Rifles [Infographic]

Rifles have a rich history in American culture. Settlers “won the West” in part by using the Winchester model 1866 rifle, since 28 rounds/min sure beats the older muskets 2-3 rounds/min. Gas opera...
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Thumbnail image for 40 Creative Places to Stash Your Guns

40 Creative Places to Stash Your Guns

Today’s post comes from our friends over at ITS Tactical. We’ve all had times when we’ve need to stash our guns in a less than ideal storage place. Here are 40 unique places that ITS Tactical’s readers said that they had hidden their weapons. Remember these are not suggestions for safe storage, but rather unique [...]

How To Escape From Zip Ties

How to Escape from Zip Ties [VIDEO]

In any type of kidnapping situation, your best chance to escape depends on having the time and opportunity to execute a plan. Arming yourself with knowledge beforehand allows you to wait for the best time to act without worrying about what you are going to do. When it comes to restraints, most kidnappers will use [...]

How Grenades Work

How Grenades Work [Infographic]

While a grenade is commonly recognizable, few people outside the armed forces really understand how they work. There are so many varieties, but the basic principles are the same. Way back in the 15th century primitive grenades made an appearance, but they were very unstable and were not heavily used until the design was improved [...]


The Complete Guide to Knife Blades [with Pictures]

Any chef will extol the virtues of a good knife in the kitchen.  Knives are made for a range of purposes, so whether you’re skinning deer, dicing tomatoes, or defending yourself, selecting the correct knife for the job is essential.  For example, the type of skinning you’re preparing for will determine whether you should use [...]


9 Items That Must Be In Your Survival Bag

If you’re new to the concept of personal readiness, the idea of putting together a survival bag might seem like a huge chore. These bags, also known as bugout bags or 72-hour bags, are designed to hold enough very basic supplies to keep you alive for three days of extreme emergency conditions (We recommend the [...]

6 Tips For Choosing A Survival Knife

6 Tips For Choosing A Survival Knife

A top quality Survival Knife is one of the most important tools for those leaving the confines of the Concrete Jungle. A butterfly knife may be “cool”, but when you need a knife to function as a life-saving tool, nothing should be left to chance. The following crash course will give you an edge when [...]