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A Closer Look At The UZI Tactical Pen

June 14, 2012

UZI Tactical Defender PenBeing prepared for any situation requires always having the right tools available at all times. That’s why tactical pens have become so popular in the past few years. Tac pens provide an additional inconspicuous defensive tool that can be kept on your person at all times. Unlike regular disposable pens that can easily bend, break or slip, tactical pens are usually made of strong metal with a textured grip to give you a more secure grasp of the pen.

One of the most popular pens that we have tested is the UZI Defender Tactical Pen. UZI is a quality brand that most people trust and their pens, knives and other gear generally live up to the high standards of the iconic UZI brand.

The UZI pen stands out from its competition because of its combination of high quality construction, sleek appearance and its low price point. At around $19.99, this is definitely one of the best values for your money (especially when you consider that most other tactical pens will set you back well over $50).

The UZI tac pen comes in two different models. The first model has what they call a “DNA Catcher” on the tip. As the name implies, this feature is intended for gouging your assailant and tearing off a piece of his skin so that the police can identify him later (assuming that you let him get away in the first place). The second model comes with a tungsten reinforced glass breaker on the tip so that you are always prepared if the need arises to escape through a window. UZI’s newest models of the pen also come with a hidden handcuff key in addition to the DNA catcher or glass breaker.

UZI Tactical Pen with DNA Catcher

Each model of the UZI tactical pen is made of aircraft grade aluminum and comes in both black and gun metal colors. They accept standard Fisher pen refills so there’s no need to worry about refilling the ink once it dries up.

The only downside of this pen is that it might be a drop larger than other pens that you are used to writing with. However, if you ever need to use this pen as a weapon, you’ll be very happy to have that extra size and solid build. In my opinion, this extra size is a fair trade off to have a solid pen that can also be used as a kubaton.

Overall, the UZI Tactical Pen is a great choice for anybody looking to buy their first tac pen. Its low cost and high quality design and craftsmanship provide an overall value that are hard to match.

Find more info about the UZI Tactical Pen here

Have you ever used the UZI tactical pen? Leave us a comment below and tell us your impressions.

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